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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  December 30, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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>> is there s is. it is the best fix for 2013. charles hit me. >> trinity and amazing demand. every firm on walltreet hates them. there will be a glol bounce in demand. honest abe, we will wake the slumbering job. >> you like japan, yes or no. >> i love jan. >> i like cliff naturals i like the least because of the debt. >> summed it. charles you better deliver on the picks. happy new year . david asbin and forbes on fox
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is here right now. >> just about everybody is trying to stop the tax cuts from exping. but billions in subidies for wind energy should be expiring. could they be right or will they blow up energy prices. we'll go in focus with steve bor bes and bill and morgan. is it paying off? >> no, it is 18 times that of nuclear energy. ronald reagan was right. thes thing to immortality is a government program. politicians are labeled with hot wind and we label the section gone with the wind. >> we have sending sib sidies in '92, has it been worth it.
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>> we are early inlet process. we have subsidized oil and coal and gas. we have done themrom darn near a century. these don't look so bad. like i or not, the majority of americs believe that global warming is an issue. we need to develop clear energy sources. fossil fuels may b a difficult problem. we are subsidizing thingings. it is cheaper to produce energy from natural gas. it is a subsidies. other than it is nural gas there. it is 63 cents compared to $53. th is not a pay off to me.
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>> i will have to disagree with rick. last time wind energy had any impact w in the century. we have moved in oil and naturalas. but let's get rid of subsidies and let them sink or swim. nd energy will sink and we'll be better f. it is behathe sector we'll pour billions into it >> the wind farms are kind of methadone clinic. we'll reenact the two percent . part of the bargain let's get america off of a far more dangerous drug than corn or ethanoyl.
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it hurts food shoppers and tears up the inside of the engine. >> two wrongs don't make a right. what john was referring to was windmills in places like noay. >> and holland. >> and wha is happening the wind sector took off in norway and in denmark. at the same time gerald ford and carter were pushing shell gas developnt. >> and that was viable. and that is 50 percent of what is going on in wind energy and equals the pice . you net out 15 percent of the oil. are weaking these compaes economically profitable or if not. they should be killed off and otherwe we are padding the profits.
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morgan, you still like solar and what about wind. >> the price of that is coming down. wind energy let is it lapse and slash and born corn sib sidies. going back to wind. it is 8,000 percent higher than the cost of natural gas for the same amount of electrical lout put. >> i agree with her on this. >> what is more interesting is what l said. carter and ford got behind shell oil when it was not economically feasible. it is hugely economical he fiscal. why not for wind. >> no one has the iron lung of government subsidies. >> i love that phrase. >> this is a political whim of
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lobbyist and politics. >> it was zilch for that. it was george mitchell who make fraking possible. why do they love wind power. they are the biggest buechlers for birds around. >> it is amazement that we are having the discussion . it never worked in the past and if markets can't support wind energy no reason to subsidize it >>ill, over all ctor, we are trying to cut the expensive government. wind power is going in the opposite. that is a program despite paying billions hasn't paid off. >> it hasn't paid off. i am trying to dole with a congressional addiction . green stuff, i have to feed it somehow and it is the least harmful way.
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>> they are green addiction it is our dollars . they are spending trilons on that. >> it goes to big companies. wind energy and seimens and ge know where to get the tr break. >> you are against corp right welfare f. y are ge and other companies that love to kiss u to the government this is a way to dot. >> that is if you cut subsies for everyone. >> okay, ok. >> and we'll be giving billions. >> john, aren't you good with cutting the subsidies. >> hold on, morgan isn't. >> absolute lie cud subsidies and let themucceed in the market. >> i am for subsidies for renewable energy but cost effective win is not and stolar could be. there are so many innovative and wind is not one of them.
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>> it is a contradiction in terms. >> and absolutebly let free people determine what kind of energy they want. >> governmentss pickingot winners but losers. >> coming up next, more americans are doing more of this and les of this andhy boss steve forbes your lates
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headlines. >> as the clock ticks down. new report shows that american workers areot using up all of the vacation time they are said to be seen as lazy and losing their job. is is a good sign for the economy. how so, steve. not for those two reasons . we don't have too much vacation or little.
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we do it just right. europe had work like we did. you want lopping beer vacation you can have a stagnant economy like europe. we raise taxes we'll have longer vacation but fewer jobbings. >> you are right. we don't want to be like the french. and ople here i the united states and government union. and i was on vacatn and check my blackberry and read a ri unger e-mail while on vacation. >> you are never onacation. >> you work it anyway. nine out of the 10 are checking their work phones. any time to rejuvenate and come back ragged.
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>> we need that vacation time to work better. >> when you say ecomy you are talking about gdp. good or ill it is major transaction. have everyone never talk a day off and work 60 hours a week. steve is protesting that. >> there is it a correlation between vacation time and increased productivity. a 2010 study show that americans felt refreshed and better about their jobs coming backt is important to take breaks throughout the work die. >> i center t tell you, i don't think i had aear where i used up all of my vacation. most of us love our jobs enough thate are working into our vacation time all of the time. >> absolutely . that's what makings the united states so great.
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we like to work. tom brady and payton man aaron rodgers don't want to leave the field or lose their jobs. why would we mess with something that makes us the envee of the world. >> the you got to have family relationships. >> and rick who is peyton manning of journalism. >> i am not a big vacationer, i enjoy working which is why lizy is reading my e-mails whilehe is on vacation. >> it is relevant in recent history. we saw where walmart and other companies reqred people who want to take off. and everything in this coury unless we need you to show up for work.
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i want to get back foemac. i know how hard york . there are times, is there been a year whether you used awful your vatime? i don't think you have. >> that's why i feel like i am losing my mind. i got to knock it off. >> and that is interesting. germany and the eu. germany had highest vacation days n eu . they are most productive. >> they make good cars, the geans. >> and the gloth grated is-thirds of our own . once upon a time they were a low tax regime and hours were
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higher. taxes on work you get less of it >> europe has legally man dated vacaon . we don't have that here. >> i hope we are not on the ai in france and germany. you are killing these poor people. >> they are killing themselves. look a their numbers. want you want to have them. >> they are happy except for millionaire necessary france. >> whi is why they are leaving for belgium which is a tax-haven. 75 or 85 percent. ments to work there? last word from steve. a push to ring in the new year with a mileage tax. will it drive your economy off of the cliff? >> and collegesashing in. they are collecting more application fees and not application fees and not letting more students in. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
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>> believe it or not, colleges are enticing more kid toz apply to their schools and admittinga fewer students in their schools. they do it to make themselves look more exclusive. not only are they d doing t to boost the national ranking but it is it aash grab.
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and john is okay with this. it is ut arely irvelrant. you must be smart. it is playing and racking. and unless we take over all of the colleges and university. >> it is not. they are nonprofit upon. it is a typicical bait and switch scam. and what happening. and that enticing more feas . there is more alumni it is it
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a bad system. are you okay what the colleges are proving. and that is the cost. an that is number of local applicants . that is reason they are getting more diverfied . we think it is good for the stunes and placs more diversified. . . >> this ishe last of the year >> go ahead. >> and this is a clinical -- >> i gray with lizy. >> i agree with lizy. colleges should not be running
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this type of a scam to bring more money n they are supposed to be about teaching students and john tam me may be right. it is there for that reason and not there to run these types was scams. >> and steve, just a bit of the fair and balanced. some colleges are freezing tuition to help parents out. what do you think about those who are. >> and in terms of application fe. i doubthey pay for the cost of admission's department . parents and students can look and see how many applicants are . determine what islet saf school . you can apry to 10-20 colleges. >> you talk about the personnel they have to have. they have all of the and they don't have to have,ight. >> the rise of the internet
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will take care of that . in terms of a college experience. they are learning to be different like brown did and rtheastern . giving you work experience. they do not get a great job with a internet college diploma. >> and what we are talking about. colleges and steve, you brought it up from the past. we have 40 or 50 administrators per one student and you have 10-15 students that is a racket. >> i bring it up and i am paying $60,000 a year for my daughter and it is scams like this one makes me mad. >> thi is what goes o in higher education. it is increasing revenue for the insiders and not worry the students . not talk about $100 plication how about 400 billion we spend on higher
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education and producing graduates who don't have the skills that our economies. >> morg oon. going ba to the idea of a scam. it is it better than seeing it loosened in the classroom. >> and in thepped of t day. paying 60,000 for the students is watered down. and don't blame the application fee and blame the government subdies. >> hold on, there st. scam. >> it is fair to call it a scam and colleges are trying fobring in more applicants. it is news and world report that they are trying toove up on. >> and thin - then they are saying parents and young people are dumkophs. >> and hold on. john wants in. >> can we stop crying for the
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happenplicant. they know the game. >> they don't unless i are watching the show. >> and every college applicant looks at u.s. news world reports and do it on rankings. they are playog their need and to suspect they are taken advantage of is laughable. >> they don't know it. i don't know if you are through the process. last thing you are thinking about when you file application just to do to your kids. >> it is wrong. it on rankings. they are false. >> college student applicant and middle class family don't know they are doing it to get better rankings. >> elizabeth said they know now thanks to forbes on fox. thank you, gang. bring out the bubbly and pop the champagne and get the stocks ready to pop in the new year.
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